Diana, Barry and Nowell's
Excellent Scottish Adventure
September 12 - 21, 2007

Maybe there is a greater pursuit that three people can pursue than to travel to a far off place and explore the home of the King of Drinks, Scotch, or hunt down the origin of the noblest food substance known to man, haggis, but if so, I cannot think of it. So, Diana arranged the excursion, Barry signed on at the dock and Nowell, well, nowell did what he does best... recorded the entire thing for posterity.

This is the trip diary page. Eventually you will be able to click on the offending daily diary pages from here. But for now, here are some random photos. So, click away and come with us to Scotland!

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Day / Date  


Tuesday- Sept 11   On a plane for 14 hours from San Diego. Nothing to report or to show.
Wednesday- Sept 12
Arrived in Edinburgh at 11:30 in the morning, an hour late. BA (British Airlines) had some kind of problem but they served breakfast on an hour flight. Barry was waiting at the gate for us. After claiming our bags and taking a cab to the hotel, we did a little sightseeing and walking.
Thursday- Sept 13
Our first sightseeing day. We took the bus around town and visited Edinburgh Castle. We had dinner with Kacey Sachen. She was visiting after attending a virology conference in Glasgow.
Friday- Sept 14
I got the car and we moved hotels. We went to Leith and walked around.
Saturday- Sept 15
We drove to the condo and had our only bad car incident, a blown tyre. It wasn't the tyre's fault... the thing couldn't recover from a hole knocked in it by a curb. Long, boring story. Castles: Doune Castle, the place that Monty Python's Life of Brian filmed the French Guard scenes in 1979 and Sterling Castle, a big, impressive place.
Sunday- Sept 16
More Castles
Huntingtower Castle which is a 2 for 1 kind of place. Also, Elcho Castle, a nifty place with pear trees but no partridges, where Neil's wife is the director and Keith works.
Monday- Sept 17
St Andrews
Booze, golf and floating hats. St Andrews and the golf course.
Tuesday- Sept 18
More booze, Jewelry and Fish. The best day of the trip. We met Malcom Appleby.
Wednesday- Sept 19
Aberfeldy area
The Crannog Center, Stone Circle, Cluny House Garden-
Thursday- Sept 20
Walking around town in the rain.

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