Herm & Goldie's 2001 Holiday Party!

What a blast! This party has been getting better and better each and every year. This year was no exception. It had a huge crowd, tons and tons of food, hot cider, (believe me, it was HOT!) and more music than you could shake a bow at.

 The Dustman's really know how to throw a party. Herm even tried to burn himself up for the amusement of the guests. I resisted putting his butt-first photo on the page. Perhaps he will piss me off and I'll do it some day, but for now, let's leave him his dignity!

H&Ggroup120801.jpg (49246 bytes)
The entire group assembled in the living room. Who'da thought they had enough room in the house for a crowd this big!
HermGoldie12011.jpg (38959 bytes)
They had a five-tet group if you count the piano. We do. We always count piano's and we don't shoot piano players, either.
H&G1201-7.jpg (22706 bytes)
Where do you suppose her hands are?
Judging from his expression, we don't really want to know.
H&G1201-2.jpg (36025 bytes)
The best place is in the kitchen.
H&G1201-3.jpg (21380 bytes)
One little happy girl.
H&G1201-5.jpg (25761 bytes)
Another little happy girl. The joint was crawlin' with kids.
HermHeater2.jpg (31658 bytes)
Ok, so I didn't show his butt. I couldn't resist the "trying to figure out how to light the heater" photo.

Revised 12/9/01

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