December 2001 Photos

These are my favorite photos for December. It was a month that was notable primarily for my changing to digital imaging. It has made a tremendous difference primarily by allowing me to shoot a lot more photos and cull the bad ones. 

With digital, you are only limited by battery level and storage card size. In my case, the battery is good for 400+ images and my larger card will hold up to 1104 images.  

 Click on the thumbnail and they will expand to 640x427 or 800x550.

BruceRest1.jpg (25120 bytes)
Sometimes accidents make cool photos. Jan turned my camera on to a setting that caused it to expose for 12 seconds. I covered the lens when I realized what was happening but got this image of Bruce anyway.
FireworksWeb2.jpg (53763 bytes)   FireworksWeb3.jpg (43808 bytes)
These were the best fireworks photos I made on Friday night at Disneyland.

I used the ISO 100 setting on the camera and the exposure was 10 seconds at f22.

The Canon D30 doesn't have a Bulb setting so you take 10 sec. exposures and wait 15secs. to process the image.

JCC-FreedmanWeb.jpg (22524 bytes)
From a photo assignment for the Heritage newspaper. I like the message and composition.

This is a composite of three different photos compiled in Photoshop.

KidsInHall1.jpg (41269 bytes)
Called, "Kids in the Hall" from the Disneyland weekend.

Lots of tricks here, mostly contrast and color adjustments.

RonAtlas1.jpg (18545 bytes)
Ron Atlas looks distinguished, doesn't he!

Only unsharped. Ron doesn't need any other work.

TomsBarn1.jpg (24439 bytes)
Tom's barn on a cold December morning.

It was lightly Photoshop'd in the sky.

TrainJpg75.jpg (58312 bytes)
The train at Disney California Adventure. This is dedicated to Alex. It is heavily Photoshop'd. The background is a painted sky on an attraction at the park and the palm trees have been removed. 
SeaGulls.jpg (49573 bytes)
I liked the tones and contrasts of this image. 

The only augmentation is a contrast boost and the necessary unsharp mask that has to be applied to every photo from the D30.

Airtable.jpg (22642 bytes)
An Air Hockey table. Nice colors!

This is heavily Photoshop'd. Contrast boost, color boost in the green and blue, and selective brightening of the reds.

CarRace1.jpg (38346 bytes)
Big Boys Video Toys- from the same arcade.

Also Photoshop'd within an inch of its life. This was kicked into high gear with a high contrast boost plus a selective color shift towards the magenta and red.

Stars1.jpg (32772 bytes)
Patriotic II

Straight photography. Nothing but net.


We found this cactus in Marilyn's yard. We're really not sure what she did to grow it. We really don't want to know.

(It's not really a photo, just an interesting subject.)

LightBulbs.jpg (31392 bytes)
You light up my life...

The only thing missing from the original scene is the contrast. It has been increased about 30 percent.

Killer.jpg (33088 bytes)

Contrast Boost only.

My patriotic interpretation.

Photoshop'd by removing the string that holds the flags and playing with the tonal range. 


PalmSunset.jpg (24381 bytes)
Sunset at Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs.

Nothing in nature looks like this. Thank heavens for little color shifts....


Flowers.jpg (68513 bytes)
No Humans... just Nature.

Boosted the red and purple and selectively brightened them

DJUmbrella.jpg (41403 bytes)

My favorite subject under a red umbrella in the midst of blue ponchos. No tricks. Nothin' but net.

These are from a Rally at the JCC that I covered for the local Jewish newspaper. I like the photos. They are striking images. The participants were placed in front of a rear projection screen. 

jccRALLY1.jpg (31515 bytes)
Teachers visiting here from Sha'ar Hanegev, a community less than two miles from Israel's border with Gaza, attended the rally.  One of them, BatSheva Segal, spoke movingly about children of the community who cannot sleep at night or study during the day because of their fear of terrorism.

jccRALLY2.jpg (36064 bytes)
Rabbi Rafael Goldstein, the United Jewish Federation's community chaplain, intoned the names of 26 Israeli victims of suicide bombings and sniper attacks that had been committed by Palestinian Arabs between Dec. 1 and 10. Students from the High School of Jewish Studies lit yahrzeit candles for each of those victims. 
soakzone1.jpg (55619 bytes)   soakzone2.jpg (35208 bytes)
The Soak Zone at Sea World is exactly what it says! 
Only unsharped. No augmentation, otherwise.

updated 12/25/01


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