2001- Jeannine's Birthday Dinner  

We descended upon a Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco and the pictures below tell the whole story. Well, not the whole story but enough of it that you get the point. We have video which we cannot show you. Well, we could, but you really don't want to see it. Suffice to say that Neen had a great time, as did we all. 

(As usual, click on the small picture to get the big picture.)

BdayGroup.jpg (85478 bytes)
The whole gang that invaded Ming's Seafood Restaurant near Columbus on Kearney. A terrific place with great food.
ArunCake.jpg (53420 bytes)
Arun (spelling?) learns that before the traditional Jewish operation, cake is natural sedative.
BdayCake1.jpg (61428 bytes)
Dr. Neen operates on the cake. Others are cracking up because of a joke I cannot tell in public.
We are learning a lot. For Example: 1) Aaron really does get it. 2) In San Francisco, a lot depends upon where and how you live.  
BdayCake2.jpg (54925 bytes)
Still cutting up. The cake was really good, and they played "Happy Birthday" on the PA system for the entire restaurant. 

A good time was had by all, before they leave for Maui. All is not bad, Virginia.

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