Rachael's Chanukah Party

Rachael gave a latke party and lots of people attended. In the spirit of the Wisch Family, Rachael did an art project. We all made cardboard dreidels. We should have a vote on the best but they were all great and besides, I didn't get everyone's picture. Sorry. Maybe next year.

RachCook.jpg (25876 bytes)
Rachael with her hands full of potatoes.
RachReads1.jpg (34034 bytes)
Rachael reads the story of Chanukah for everyone.
SandraRachAJ1.jpg (121380 bytes)
Sandra, Rachael and Alex after dinner, before dreidel making.
AnnaDrdl1.jpg (19833 bytes)
Ana's dreidel before being cut from the sheet and assembled.
MarkLegea1.jpg (41599 bytes)
Mark and Legaya and the boys.
Tim.jpg (76640 bytes)
Tim is hiding from the Witless Protection Program. Don't tell the Arabs.
KornDog1.jpg (29758 bytes)
A day without KornDog is a day wasted.
RachTinsel.jpg (30223 bytes)
Rachael gets decorated.
("Hey Tinselhead...!")
Group11.jpg (31231 bytes)
Dreidel making is a family affair.
RachAnnie.jpg (25716 bytes)
Rachael and Annie
DamianJacket.jpg (24218 bytes)
Damian got a Nascar Jacket for Chanukah.
AJnascar1.jpg (25772 bytes)
Alex got a Nascar outfit, too!
AJSheila1.jpg (25588 bytes)
Alex and Shiela... who is due any day now!

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