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The Dumpling Queen does it again. This time Angela makes the dumplings look disgusting. They were less filling and tasted great, though.

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 I know her parents.

 She isn't a Farmers daughter.

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DJ. What can I say!!!

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Goldie and Herm came dressed as respectable business people. 

Or as gangsters.

Or as...

oh, shut up.

 MarHallo2.jpg (9969 bytes)

Little pumpkins were alight all around. 

One of the cooler (or hotter) pieces of atmosphere.

MarHallo3.jpg (11824 bytes)

Marilyn did a great job on the atmosphere. Actually, all there was atmosphere. Lots of it. 

You couldn't see diddly through the atmosphere.


MeDJ2.jpg (30572 bytes)

This is what Tony Soprano should look like. 

A dapper gent with his arm around a gorgeous dame!

MarHallo5.jpg (57102 bytes)

Unquestionably the most creative of the bunch. 

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

MarHallo4.jpg (12932 bytes)

We think this is Sandra. It's a little fuzzy. 

Come to think of it, so was Sandra!

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Reaper.jpg (47991 bytes)  Marilyn1002.jpg (45197 bytes)  Sandra.jpg (53508 bytes)   Scott1.jpg (45594 bytes)

MarHallo9.jpg (48858 bytes) 

A Mini group photo. 

There were more but that's all that would fit.


MarHallo6.jpg (40726 bytes)

White Trash paints a glass. 

Even someone half in the bag can paint a glass!

MarHallo8.jpg (34197 bytes) MarHallo7.jpg (56363 bytes)

Marilyn is over fifty now. She is running out of ideas.

She stole this glass decorating project from Diana.

created 10/28/02

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