Nowell's Birthday Party 
May 27, 2002

Yet another birthday... yet another bar-b-que. Yet another fine time had by all... guests and cows alike. Yet another series of drinks, sausage, burgers and salmon. This time with rice, broccoli, carrots and other fine, healthy food. 

Yet another mess to clean up until 11:00 pm. 

As usual, click on the thumbnail to get the whole picture.

IMG_1032.JPG (55154 bytes)
Diana thinks that she has no decorating sense. As this photo shows, she is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

IMG_1035.JPG (45553 bytes)
Aiee, what a tableau!
Remember the cows from thanksgiving? Well, they're baaaaaaaack!

IMG_1038.JPG (39874 bytes)
Damn, lots of cows and still we don't know "Where's the BEEF?"

IMG_1083.JPG (53870 bytes)
Everybody should have a string quartet play six versions of "Happy Birthday". Everybody doesn't, but I did!

Img_1098.jpg (53762 bytes)
Way, way cool gifts! For some reason, people think they have to bring me gifts on my birthday.  
(Perhaps it's the guns?)

IMG_1044.JPG (48078 bytes)
How'd ya like to wake up to this face?

We loved it. Barry spent the night and forced me to eat three pounds of crab legs. Honest. He did. I didn't want to but he threatened me. 
(The rest of the story.)

IMG_1047.JPG (44847 bytes)
Diana, pre-stress. Post-stress looked pretty good, too. I like waking up to this face!

IMG_1056.JPG (47705 bytes)
Guests hitting the food. Thank goodness we had enough food or they might have been hitting each other!

IMG_1101.JPG (47283 bytes)
The "Sofa Gang" share a quiet moment. Well, for those of you who know me, you know that there were damn few quiet moments!

IMG_1059.JPG (64760 bytes)
People everywhere on every chair. If you feed them, they will come. 

IMG_1062.JPG (54136 bytes)
The Patio Gang. Dangerous, every one. Don't put your hands in front of their mouth when the chicken sausages hit.

IMG_1068.JPG (62984 bytes)
See, I told you she cleans up nicely!

IMG_1071.JPG (76039 bytes)
Mommies on the lawn. Don't be fooled... the little girl is seriously sloppy.


Img_1080.jpg (45478 bytes)
This is Bailey. This is what happens when Bailey hits the Bailey's. Kids shouldn't drink... it makes them sloppy. 
(Ok, DFS... I'm just kidding... she was hitting the cake and milk... don't get your knickers in a knot.)






** That's ok, my wife forced him to drink scotch at 9:30am. Honest. She did. She threatened him with the bottle if he didn't finish it. I think he was secretly happy. Maybe the big smile was a clue. 


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