Sea World 2002

Going to Sea World with Joe and Seren on Xmas day is becoming a tradition. I think this is year three. 

I like it because we are surrounded by Japanese tourists. I like Japanese tourists better than Arab tourists because the Japanese seldom explode. 

It was COLD! Joe proved how tough he is by wearing a Tshirt and walking without his brace. (Remember, he is recovering from a broken leg.)

He's tough... or he's stupid. Take your pick.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

XmasGroupSeaWorld2002.jpg (52993 bytes)
All of us in our Xmas finery. Nice hats, huh? Notice the crazed look in Joe's eyes.
DJXmasSeaWorld2002.jpg (44075 bytes)
I just love this woman, dontcha know!
Cat1.jpg (52488 bytes)
Hey Curly... wanna take a walk?
BirdMan.jpg (39807 bytes)
The bird man of sea-a-world.
Clyde.jpg (68617 bytes)
Remember that Sea World is owned by Bud.
Bird1.jpg (42650 bytes)
Yes, I've always liked landing birds.
JoeJoe.jpg (85589 bytes)
You can't quite tell but Joe is walking funny.
PenguinJoe.jpg (46510 bytes)
You can't quite tell but this penguin is walking just like Joe!
DogJump.jpg (445892 bytes)
This is such a sharp photo it astounds me. It is why I bought the Fuji S2. When everything works, it really works!



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