Alex Schoenfeldt 
Tabitha Portman-Lewis
- August 3, 2002

Diana's nephew Alex found a nice girl. The decided to get married. Shock, surprise and delight were the emotions prior to the day. Nothing but good cheer here, though. We start with photos of the pre-nup dinner held at the Monterey Marriott. 

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AlexSW11.jpg (61620 bytes)
Here comes the Bride!
AlexSW10a.jpg (67419 bytes)
The Ceremony
AlexSW9.jpg (75705 bytes)
Exchanging Vows
AlexSW8.jpg (61548 bytes)
Exchanging Rings
AlexSW7.jpg (71920 bytes)
Exchanging Love
AlexSW0.jpg (43457 bytes)
The first official portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Schoenfeldt
AlexSW6.jpg (44020 bytes)
The second official portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Schoenfeldt
AlexSW5.jpg (56683 bytes)
Havila, the maid of honor. She did a great job!
AlexSW4.jpg (59785 bytes)
AlexSW3.jpg (56926 bytes) AlexSW1.jpg (46402 bytes)
Paul really wanted this picture with Wanda. 
AlexSW13.jpg (35744 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Party Animals
AlexSW2.jpg (65103 bytes)    


AlexS1.jpg (21640 bytes)
Alex explaining why Big Sur is south of Monterey. (We think they moved it during the night)
AlexS2.jpg (54173 bytes)
Diana gives Richard, Paul's son, the benefit of some advice. 
AlexS3.jpg (38046 bytes)
Cousins are always cute. Nicolas and Alex.
AlexS4.jpg (37156 bytes)
The woman who introduced them and the officiating official. Iris and Nyson.
AlexS5.jpg (37550 bytes)
Ben, Grannie Laurie, Aunt Diana and Nicolas.
AlexS6.jpg (42465 bytes)
Rachael, Beth, Diana and Alex.
AlexS7.jpg (48066 bytes)
Paul, DJ, Aaron, Jeannine, Beth, MOG (mother of the groom), Tabitha and Alex
AlexS8.jpg (33866 bytes)
DJ and Aunt Cindy, the celebrated New York City writer.
AlexS9.jpg (41995 bytes)
George Douglas and Catherine Castle. Nice people we had dinner with. Catherine introduced them. 
AlexS10.jpg (47366 bytes)
MOG and Cousin Gene Frank (of the Santa Fe Franks) both resplendent in black.
((darn, I just hate it when I fall into the society page mode))
AlexS11.jpg (43350 bytes)
Groom, Bride and MOG
AlexS12.jpg (42883 bytes)
Diana, Paul, Rich, Grandma Laurie, Jim.
AlexS13.jpg (45032 bytes)
Suzy, Sarah, Beth, Alex, Diana, Rachael.
AlexS14.jpg (40348 bytes)
Wanda, Lyle, Beth, Sarah with Bride and Groom.
AlexBear.jpg (56263 bytes)
My Alex with Buddy Bear.


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