Huston on crutches

Few people know that our very own Joe Huston has lost over 100 lbs. Fewer people know why he did it. 

Here is one version of the story.

Joe, as you may not know, is an accomplished ski jumper. Over the years, as his weight increased, his distance decreased. Therefore, something had to be done.

A year ago, Seren finally put her foot down and demanded that Joe get back to fighting trim and get back on the mountain. So, he took the lettuce by the horns so to speak and dropped enough weight that he could, in fact, get back on the mountain. 

This is the result of his efforts.

DSCF2643.JPG (79021 bytes)
Notice his form. Straight crutches, grimace, leaning forward for distance, in short, the look of a champion.
skijump.jpg (29863 bytes)
Not the scene of the crime, but close.

You think it looks easy, right?

photo7.jpg (12834 bytes)

What Joe wishes he looked like.


ps. you've been Huston'd. The crutches and the mountain part are true. The skiing is questionable.

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