Joe & Seren's Labor Day Block Party
Sunday, September 1, 2002

HLDjshuston.jpg (35273 bytes)
Our hosts.

Joe and Seren got tired of all that smoked salmon and added smoked rattlesnake this year. It was pretty good. As usual, the attendance was good and they brought good food. I brought meatballs that Alex's and I made that morning.

Joe looks emaciated. We think that he'd better gain some weight or stay out of strong winds.

(as always, click on the little pictures to see the big picture)  

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The scene of the party.
HLD2.jpg (40287 bytes)
Alex takes a nap before partying.
HLD3.jpg (38720 bytes)
Diana, Marilyn and Karen entertain the troops.
HLD4.jpg (30105 bytes)
Joe's long lost friend.
HLD5.jpg (30458 bytes)
Long lost friend with Joe and Seren.
HLD6.jpg (46615 bytes)
Attendance was good. 
HLD7.jpg (39309 bytes)
They even attracted people from out of town.

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