Our New Sink
(and kitchen counter)

We (well, Diana, actually) decided to put new countertops in the kitchen. We got the money from our tax refund and like to do some work on our house anyway, so we did the kitchen this time. 

I wanted a second floor, but we were about fifty thousand dollars short of the money needed for that project so countertops it was.  After exhaustive research, we decided that Silestone was the answer instead of granite. 

Here are some photos of the installation. If we had to do it again, we would, except we would not use Home Depot Expo. They were terrible project managers and I resent them making any money at all from the job. Don't use them. They suck.

1.jpg (49400 bytes)
The sink has been removed.
2.jpg (58280 bytes)
The old counters are being removed.
3.jpg (65389 bytes)
This is what they look like before the plywood is replaced.
4.jpg (60890 bytes)
The plywood top is on. 
5.jpg (51104 bytes)
6.jpg (43986 bytes)
They cut the hole for the sink. It fits.
7.jpg (50436 bytes)
It almost looks like a kitchen again. We have to wait three more weeks for the stone. 
8.jpg (51483 bytes)
The stone guys bring in the countertops.
9.jpg (56379 bytes)
10.jpg (60950 bytes) 11.jpg (45834 bytes)
Lookin' good so far!
12.jpg (47637 bytes)
14.jpg (64068 bytes)
Straight and level is the plan.
15.jpg (49949 bytes)
Now for drilling the holes for the faucets.
16.jpg (62210 bytes) 17.jpg (47060 bytes)
18.jpg (51553 bytes)
Ok, it's in!
19.jpg (59360 bytes)
The plumber hooks up the faucet and disposal. 
20.jpg (99238 bytes)
We also get a new check valve.
21.jpg (54929 bytes)
Everything is in.
22.jpg (62376 bytes)
This is the best part... being able to cook and clean again. 


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