Rachael and Alex
Birthday Party
June 22, 2002

Unlike last year, this year we didn't get the gazebo. We showed up at 3:30am and someone was camping out in the parking lot, which is illegal. But, without cops or guns, we had to settle for the next best thing, the table by the tether ball pole. 

(as always, click on the little pictures to see the big picture)

Group Shots

Group1.jpg (69130 bytes)
This is the group, at least most of it. A good time was had by all, even the Mertz kids who killed some bees with their bare feet.

Bohm2.jpg (51711 bytes)
The Bohm Family and other assorted people.

Bohm1.jpg (59232 bytes)
Jimmy, Steve & Martha.

Jimmy Bohm and cousins. Jimmy is small here.

Jimmy has a growth spurt due to cake.

JimmyNeen1.jpg (40944 bytes)
My cousin sure is (small) (tall).

NeenSam1.jpg (53140 bytes)
Neen and Sam.

DadHat.jpg (53515 bytes)
Hey dad, can I have my hat back? No son, you can't.

Birthday People

The birthday boy. 3 year olds get top billing on this site!

Rachael.jpg (53770 bytes)
The birthday girl!

Alex1.jpg (45089 bytes)
I'm just hangin' around. 

AlexTruck1.jpg (65536 bytes)
Mom, can I have a smaller present, please?

MertzToy1.jpg (64547 bytes)
Cool cars!

AlexDamianCake.jpg (58544 bytes)
Cake plays a big role in birthdays. 

CakeBoy1.jpg (44016 bytes)
Cake makes my face smooth and creamy!

CakeMom1.jpg (47021 bytes)
Mine, too!

CakeNeen1.jpg (24700 bytes)
No zits on my nose! I wash with frosting!




Assorted People

Mertz1.jpg (63837 bytes)
Tom and Donna Mertz from Kansas.

AaronDamianSam1.jpg (52958 bytes)
Aaron, Damian and Sam.

AlecMertz1.jpg (60310 bytes)
Alec Mertz and boogie board.

TheGirls1.jpg (66272 bytes)
Barb, Donna and Diana

PartySite.jpg (45444 bytes)
The party site. 

NeenAlexCake.jpg (60643 bytes)
We're having a Mary Kay party. This is their new frosting foundation cream.




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