Rachael's Holiday Party 2002

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Davilas.jpg (49284 bytes)
Alex, Damian and Rachael.

The latkes were terrific. Crisp, crunchy and soft in the middle, just like they should be. Also, thin and small enough to grab when her back is turned. We couldn't figure out how she did it so fast and so well with her small fry pan. 

Some of these pictures are a scream and you will enjoy them especially if you can laugh at yourself. (This is not an obscure reference. One of you will figure it out... I promise.) 

The art project this year required major logistics to bring about. Between  genius, inspiration and high technology, the event was fun and meaningful. (The two traits I most often associate with Rachael.) 

Every family unit was photographed in front of the tree and then received two copies of the photo to use for the project. Rachael supplied the genius, inspiration and art supplies and I brought the electronics. Together, everyone made great mementos of the evening.  

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

AlexFriend1.jpg (53155 bytes)
As is usually the case nowadays, children dictate our social schedule. It helps when they're cute doing it.
BillSheila2.jpg (31870 bytes)
First time I've seen Bill and Sheila since the baby arrived. I only saw the baby once, when he was still a part of Mommy.

The Unofficial Bill and Sheila Holiday Project Portrait.

BruceGail.jpg (39711 bytes)
Cousins Bruce and Gail from Glenview.  (That is outside of Chicago for "you know who you are")
BaileysFamily.jpg (41611 bytes)
A set of three photos of the family. This is the formal one.
Kate2.jpg (39296 bytes)
One of the advantages of a high speed camera (Fuji S2) with a great flash (SB-80DX) is that you can get moments others miss. 
KateMugs1.jpg (37774 bytes)
There is no other way to capture these little moments that only Paparazzi seem to nail. 

You go, girl!

KidMom1.jpg (35236 bytes)
"Hey Mom, want a chip?"

I did this with the artistic brush stroke filter. Cool, huh!

Kid2.jpg (39008 bytes)

No question about it. This young fellow wins the "George Zimmer Best Dressed Kid in the Place" award. 

Crayons.jpg (33814 bytes)
Bill did a good job as Crayon Monitor.
TheBoyz.jpg (25214 bytes)
Yep, the boys are back in town. 
RachaelCook.jpg (28965 bytes)
The cook. (And the smile we all love!)
MeanMark1.jpg (59111 bytes)
He is not as tough as he looks. Inside that camo uniform is a heart of a marshmallow. That's Good, by the way!
Directions1.jpg (37897 bytes)
"No Way." "Can't be."

Sorry guys, but Rachael sets the rules. This is her project. 

Deal with it. 

Directions2.jpg (46590 bytes)
"By George, I think they've got it!"
Kid3.jpg (47306 bytes)
Oh my, is this little one  going to become a real "Guy!" or what? 

(Can't wait so watch this. Sort of the same excitement I feel when I think of Damian and Alex outnumbered 2 to 2 come April.  He He!)


NoahMom.jpg (37150 bytes)
The place is crawling, wall to wall with mommy's and kids.  If you like chaos, this place is for you. 
RetiredGirls.jpg (43716 bytes)
The "Retired Gal's"

Nice people with good art sense. 

("Retired" ain't as glamorous as you might think.) 


Skinners.jpg (54241 bytes)
It takes some work but it is worth it when you can get all three Skinner boys smiling at the same time.
 (Wow, got Mom and Dad, too!)
Working1.jpg (34774 bytes)
Everybody gets into it. 
SheilaBill.jpg (38369 bytes)
The official Sheila and Bill Holiday Project Portrait. 
Ornament1.jpg (49081 bytes)
A sample of the finished project. No voting... everyone's a winner!


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