Thomas the Tank Engine Day

at Orange Empire Railroad Museum - November 9, 2002

Alex and I went to the Orange Empire Railroad Museum and road the Thomas Train. This was a really big deal for the OERM. It is their largest fundraiser. To their credit, they did a very good job. Food service was fast and the prices were reasonable. The activities were geared toward both parents and the 3-8 year old age group that are Thomas fans. 

Here are some photos from the day.

Also, go to their website.

AlexDriving2.jpg (68360 bytes)
You have to look closely to see Alex driving. Ah, Photoshop!
AlexMe2.jpg (49003 bytes)
We had this entire car to ourselves. Nobody wanted to change. It was a nice car.

I'm decorated in AMTRAK colors, too.

AlexSpeeder.jpg (64377 bytes)
Before we rode the train we walked down to the end of the yard and sat on this speeder.
AlexTopham1.jpg (76735 bytes)
Sir Topham Hatt and Alex. There was quite a line for this opportunity.
AlexClown.jpg (56235 bytes)
Some clown gave Alex a couple of tattoos which he had to wash off when they dried and pinched him.

She was a nice clown, though.

AlexDriving.jpg (46527 bytes)
Amazing what a fake trolley with a twisty wheel can do for your attention span.
AlexMap.jpg (92324 bytes)
Alex on the main line with the museum map. We got off the track before getting run over.
Alex3.jpg (55051 bytes)
"Hey Pop Pop, this is cool!"
AlexMe1.jpg (46604 bytes)
"Hi" from us.
AlexTrain2.jpg (48755 bytes)
Yep, the entire car empty except for us.
AlexTrain4.jpg (55660 bytes)
"I stepped in a mud puddle in a 40 acre field, Pop Pop."
Thomas2.jpg (53433 bytes)
Thomas at the station.
Thomas1.jpg (88673 bytes)
Thomas running down the main line. 
shirts.jpg (37453 bytes)
We have matching Thomas Shirts. 

Aren't we cute!

Ticket.jpg (28117 bytes)


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