Thanksgiving 2002
At the Wisch Family Estate, South

Yes, I know that Turkey Day doesn't arrive until next Thursday but we have a really big show planned. We went shopping today and got our two, yes two, 22 lb turkeys. One will be done in the oven with stuffing and the other will be done on the bar-b-que.

We're starting with today's photos... well, never mind. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture) 

Food1.jpg (60927 bytes)
Most of this is for the stuffing. 

My stuffing will be really good this year. Diana got some new raisin looking things that are really dried cranberry. I will add the usual pineapple, dates, onion, celery, red and yellow pepper and walnut, plus a new, secret ingredient to be named later.

Food2.jpg (45160 bytes)
Diana and I went power shopping to get a free turkey. We got two (on the left).

Diana had $106 in documented savings while I only had $72. I had the toilet paper, however, so she still needs me. 

Kitchen3.jpg (60407 bytes)
Thursday at 9:00 am. The kitchen is getting nicely toasted.
NowliBird1.jpg (52861 bytes)
The bird on the barbie. Here it gets its annual shot series. "You're going to put that where?!"
AvocadoHunt1.jpg (72694 bytes)
The Great Avocado Hunt
NolliBird2.jpg (57956 bytes)
This is big and hot!
NoliRest1.jpg (56758 bytes)
The cook takes a well deserved rest.
Aaron1.jpg (65885 bytes)
The lump on the sofa is Aaron. He sleeps through anything.

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