The Final

Steven Johnie Underwood

Go Fuck Yourself Tour and Sale!

Steve says (not really, but I've taken some liberties with reality. I've never let facts interfere with a good story.), "I've finally decided that there are no more challenges to conquer here in the USA so I'm packin' my act and takin' it on the road!" or words to that effect.

"It's off to Merry Olde England for me!" (a virtual quote)

"Before I go, however, I want to give you all a chance to own 'A Piece of the Steve'."

"Yep, no kidding, you can buy a genuine, authentic piece of my life for a reasonable price. Keep me around for years and years because, unless you come to England, You ain't a gonna see me 'round here no mo."

"So go ahead and peruse the list below and choose your valuable piece of Underwood. You might as well. After all, you've all treated me like a piece of ..."  oh, never mind.

Nowell sez: "With every Piece of Steve you buy you will get a FREE refrigerator photo, plus our everlasting thanks and gratitude. So buy lots, and buy often!"


(Steve: No, I don't think this is what you want to say, but it was fun writing it. You tell me what you think and give me the list and I'll post it to the site. C-ya in London, buddy.) 

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