USD after concert party
November 24, 2002

Marilyn's House

Scenes from a Barbeque

AngelaBeer1.jpg (73981 bytes)
Self explanatory.
MarilynBBQ.jpg (37948 bytes)
Something is barbequed and something is toasted. You figure it out.
Henry1.jpg (32381 bytes)
BeerRef.jpg (42655 bytes)
Beer referee calls a time out.
Group1.jpg (32221 bytes)
These people killed off the chili. Don't let them deny it.
Scott.jpg (43976 bytes)
The back yard is a popular place to hang out.
DJandHayes.jpg (39716 bytes)
Better call him "Gunny" while you can. He'll be a Warrant Officer in February. Congratulations Gy Hayes!!!
MarcFunYet.jpg (40279 bytes)
Why he looks the way he does in the next picture.
DJMark.jpg (53066 bytes)
He doesn't own a computer so he can't see what I'm writing about him.

He looks blasted doesn't he?

TwoGuys1.jpg (34701 bytes)
They look pretty distinguished here. I wonder if they got extinguished after I left.

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