Herm & Goldie's YMCA Champions Dinner

We were all guests of Herm and Goldie at the annual YMCA Champions Dinner and Auction. Unfortunately, this year, we didn't win anything in the auction... but not for not trying. I bid on several things and Diana, in the spirit of EBay, tried to get some stuff, too. We didn't win anything. Too bad... nothing coming home with us but the calories.

Goldie was socializing and didn't get the photo coverage she deserved. She was enormously fetching in her green outfit. We are all very happy that they are on the Board of the YMCA. This is a great event. Send a check. Do it today!

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GoldieHerm1.jpg (42812 bytes)  
Our hosts with friends. This is the second or third year we have attended this event thanks to Goldie and Herm and it continues to live up to its billing. I am contributing $250 dollars to the "Y" in their name to say "THANKS!"
YMCA060602.jpg (150437 bytes)
Here is the whole group plus hangers on. 





YMCABauer1.jpg (45923 bytes)
Hank Bauer of KFMB Radio did the auction. He did a great job. Even I bid $500 on something. I lost, thank god.

YmcaWiley2.jpg (55862 bytes)
Marcellus Wiley was one of the celebrated Champions. He was also a very entertaining and humble fellow. Sort of reaffirms your faith in athletes. 

His Chargers Page

YMCAHermGirl1.jpg (61846 bytes)
Boy is Herm happy. You can tell by the smile in his pants!
(sorry Herm)

May I please state for the record that I do, in fact, give Herm a lot of gas. I do that because, in a warped way, it is my demonstration of endearment and respect. If I didn't love him, I wouldn't pay any attention to him.

(Yes, I'm sick. Deal with it.)

YMCAGirl2.jpg (61304 bytes)
Everyone in this picture is smiling, too! "You go, girls!"


YMCAGruber1.jpg (59659 bytes)
Gruber applauds something. We don't know what. He applauds a lot.

YMCAMarilyn1.jpg (64288 bytes)
Hank Bauer cracks Marilyn up. 

YMCAHermNeighbors.jpg (57361 bytes)
Herm & The Neighbors. (Sounds like a music group, doesn't it?)

YMCAHermSandra.jpg (48258 bytes)
Herm & Sandra

DJattheY.jpg (39029 bytes)
DJ had to leave early. This proves that she was there.


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