NSA Scenes Page 2
Pictures of NSA people in other clothes and bodies.

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Never let it be said that we don't have fun or have a sense of humor. Of course, Bob may not think it's funny, but the look on any of his faces seems to contradict that notion.
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One of the nice things about NSA is how well we treat the hired help. Here is just another truck driver on his daily rounds. Notice the sickly smile on his face? Ask him why!
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Sing it: "You light up my life..." Here are shots of Dave's sartorial excellence. Usually I reserve my accolades for his tie-dyed ensemble but this imitation of a '56 Chevy I once owned deserves its own space. Dave doesn't understand that I only give a 3 shot block to people I really respect. If he ever appears naked, he will get his own page... hell, maybe even his own website!
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The Famous Tongue and The Famous Cup. Just about anywhere Teresa appears, when a camera is lurking about, something memorable turns up. I think her tongue must be a food group or something with a life of its own. If I can ever find the photos of her and Kent that I took last year, you will know where she got the reputation she may not really deserve, but seems to relish.
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We had dinner with Bonnie in Birmingham.

(I just liked the sound of that phrase.)