Sari and Mike Get Married!
July 29-31, 2005

Good God, an entire weekend of food, fun and festivities! Whodathought!

Well, the entire family thought and here are the photos to prove it.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Friday Night Family Dinner and Services at Hunan Home
As usual, Char finds the great Chinese food places. This was no exception. Even the waiter was top notch!
("This is not Peking Duck. This is San Francisco Duck.")

One reason for the wedding. Yeah, they're the parents, but mostly because their name is on the MasterCard. Priceless!

Mike's mom. She's the other reason for this wedding. Without her, well... you know.

Boy that Chuck sure can talk!

Sari is practicing smiling with babies! Whoopee! Can't wait!

Mike, on the left, is the groom, for those who have wandered in here unsupervised.

My family.

Grams and friends.

My future grandchild's parents.

All the way from Philly, huh?

I should have taken more food pictures. This will give you the idea, though.

Stay tuned for another wedding in about twenty years.

My younger honey with Honey.

What's Chinatown without a little bit of China?

Sari, they could wind up with this kind of attitude, though. Cute, but a hand full.
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Char (Chuck) and Fran rented the 700 Club to have a suite for the Prescott Hotel family. They were up at 8:00 to open the doors so we could get bagels and stuff.

Our hosts awake.

That Char sure can talk!

"This early?"

"Get that camera outa my face!" (Or words to that effect. It doesn't work. I'm relentless.)

Shoulda been a Doctor. He wields a good knife. Oh, well, medicine's loss is muffin's loss but our gain.
Rehearsal Dinner
Don't know why they call it a rehearsal dinner... we proved we could eat dinner last night and no rehearsal was needed. Anyway, that's what they call it and the Kirschenbaums did a really nice event. There will be more photos from it after I get some sleep. For now:
Self Portraits
The people in these photos are completely responsible for their images. If they look good, then it is their fault. If they look stupid, then it is their fault. If they look somewhat in between, then, oh, you know.
Ceremony Day
There are darned few photos from the ceremony because I didn't want to interfere with the photographer who's job it was to make everyone look good. Here are a few photos from the ceremony and party. Oh, and what a party it was!



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