Sari and Mike come to San Diego
July 1, 2005

Ok, they deserve their own page. After all, they drove 385 miles to get here so the least we can do is give them their own page, especially since they were so entertaining at dinner. See the photos below if you don't believe me. They did much more than have dinner in OB but we weren't invited and Mike doesn't carry a camera or send pictures by email. (Sheech... some IT guy he is! Even my 6 year old grandson can attach a photo to email.)

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Oh, stop worrying. She deserved it.

See, she isn't mad.

Nice ring. Good job, Mike.

It was a crowded night.

I can't remember who Sari was talking to but it was someone nice.

Surfers provide a nightly show off the pier.

Where we live. Well, not just there, but up the hill and to the right.

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