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August 2001

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Maria Gates, Perry Jacobs, Diana Barliant and Nowell Wisch set out for Petersburg Alaska on August 11, 2001. The trip, arranged by Maria, was intended to be a 'once in a lifetime' vacation. It was all that and more.

We set sail to explore the Inner Passage aboard the M/V Chester B under the command of Captain Kent Brekke, Rachel Barth and their dog, Buck.

The M/V Chester B's home port of Petersburg Alaska, is a wonderful little town mostly devoted to fishing and related industries. It has two large commercial fish processing plants that turn out millions of cans of salmon each year, for domestic consumption and export to countries such as Japan. The fleet numbers hundreds of boats, from small day sailers to large live-aboards such as the Chester B.

The boat is 50 feet long and 18 feet wide and holds enough fuel, water, food and provisions for a full week or more away from land. It is a wonderful boat and was our home for five days, from Monday morning through the following Saturday morning. We wished for nothing that was not granted. The food was spectacular and the company, outstanding.

We strongly recommend that you contact Kent and Rachel and book a week. It may very well be the "trip of a lifetime" and will certainly be one you will talk about for years to come. It will help if you bring more than twenty rolls of film. Share the photos with your friends.

We are! Enjoy!

Pix of the whole group

Nowell, DJ Pix

Maria, Perry Pix

M/V Chester B and Crew Pix

Petersburg Alaska

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